12 o' clock
why we get sick
De energetische kracht van kleding

Clothing has never been more important then lately.
Trends in fashion follow one another very fast and even ridiculous designs are followed up eagerly although some designs seem more likely an attempt to just make us look like fools.
Do fine feathers make fine birds or do cloths oppositely tell us who we are not?

It's touching to see people trying on a new wardrobe and seeing them shine while they realize that with a new ensemble he or she will become another person...
Looking at our image in the mirror all of a sudden we seem to realize that we're much more worth then previously thought and we don't have to do much effort for that.
A new piece of garment will revalue us as a human being and that's much easier than any personality process or polishing negative parts of our personality for years..
A new jacket or last fashion trouser will give you the instant image which is presented by advertisements and with only a small financial investment you become a better version of yourself in a heartbeat. Fashion and clothing are the perfect way to an immediate upgrade of your personality and the fitting room of a clothes store is the fastest way to do so and that is very tempting.

But for people interested to reflect themselves clothing can be a very practical asset to balance the human aura.

The human energy field

The human energy field is made up of 7 different energy layers which are each connected to a chacra or energy center.
Every energy layer and chacra has its specific color, purpose and property.

Human aura
'The classic way of depicting the 7 chacras which are connected with the outer protective layers of our aura containing also all colors of the different chacras. Of course in between chacras and the outer layers there is also an abundance of color and energy. '

Negative emotions disturb the aura or energy field causing chacras to get less energetic nourishment and become less powerful.
If you would compare chacras with light bulbs, it's easy to imagine a less nourished chacra as a dimmed light bulb while in some extreme cases a chacra can get so weak that their energy field (emission or aura) can become almost invisible..
Every human being will by nature try to maintain a healthy and balanced energy field.
After all a prolonged disturbed aura will make the physical body sick since where energetic flow is insufficient, the physical mirror (the body) will not function optimal.
The metabolism starts to malfunction and the disposal of waste through the lymphatic system stagnates..
On long term this will lead to oxygen deficiency in the cells, a too acid pH factor and a toxin crisis causing physical disease.

A healthy and balanced energy field stands for perfect health and prevention of sickness...

Unconsciously looking for balance

Only few of us are capable of observing the human energy field but unconsciously we do feel when something is wrong making us try to restore the balance of our aura.
We do that by among other things buying and wearing cloths with a color of which there is a shortage in our energy field.

We all have our favorite color and we all have pieces of garment we absolutely prefer. We have a cupboard full of clothes but in the end we mostly go for the same preferred item of dress.
On top of that there are days you really 'have' to wear that specific dress or trouser and mostly it has something to do with the color of that item of dress.
The opposite also occurs and there are moments you put back a shirt, pants or pullover because it doesn't seem to 'suit your needs' that day. It just doesn't go together with your state of mind.

Color and light therapy is already been used much longer to help people with depression or mental problems in general.
The relaxing or stimulating effect of colors is already widely accepted and the connection with the human chacras is kind of obvious.
This way it's easy to explain the relaxing effect of nature since it's the color of the heart chacra and nature does affect it.
In other words the choice of colors in our clothing strongly depends on the condition of our energy field or aura.

Color palette

Do you like to wear orange cloths?
Then there is a good chance your second chacra is rather weak and you don't get enough physical attention.
The second chacra indeed stands for enjoying the physical body, sensuality and sexuality..

Is your favorite color yellow?
Then you probably have a strong urge to show who you are to the world.
Your self confidence is too low and for that your ego wants attention.
Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chacra.

Are you somebody who always wears bleu..
then there is need for communication since blue is the color of the throat chacra.
So if tomorrow you need to give a lecture for a big audience, it can be interesting to dress in blue since it will also stimulate the throat chacras of your audience so they will be more likely more attentive..

Red is found on people who are in need of grounding.
Red Is the root chacra (1st) and stands for contact with earth and matter.

Green has to do with the heart chacra and often we see people who are emotionally hurt wearing plenty green to soften the disturbed feelings of the heart.
Going out in (green) nature has the same effect.

Human aura
'Drawing of a person wearing green clothing to compensate an accumulation of green aura energy around the heart chacra. The disturbance of the aura at that area also cause physical problems around the shoulder (red) and too much yellow on the left side which indicates problems with self-esteem. We also notice blue at the bottom which tells us there is a lack of communication about emotions.'

Indigo and violet deal with spiritual insight and it's not a coincidence that purple is often found in garments of Christian religious leaders.
Just mentioning it doesn't mean that religion is synonym to spiritual growth.

So the strong urge to wear certain colors has a lot to do with the status of somebody's energy field. It's a kind of personal color therapy.
It's a way to fill up the lack of a color in your aura.
Men but especially women who love to wear orange, almost always have a shortage of physical attention... mostly from their partner.. if they have one.
People who love to wear red, are in need of grounding.
They are inadequately physically present. Mostly they feel unsafe and they are living too much inside of their head. They need contact with matter, with the energy of mother earth.

Black and white

When people 'always' wear black, it becomes completely different..
It has less to do with the condition of the chacras but is likely caused by a disturbed energy field through negative energies.

Human aura
'Person who always wears black because of an energetic parasite coming in from the left side. Apart from problems with self-esteem (yellow) the negative energy also causes a bad flow of incoming life energy (white); heart problems (green) and physical problems around the neck (red)'

This doesn't mean you can't wear a nice black dress or costume to go to a party but when people 'always' wear black like f.e. Gothics often an invaded energy field should be blamed while of course religious or cultural reasons shouldn't be forgotten.

Somebody who always wears white could be somebody who's nicely in balance since a completely balanced energy field is totally white (saints and angels are often depicted with a white glow around them) but mostly the wearing of white is merely the desire of purity of the energy field rather then the actual state of it.
In the end it's the same as with the other colors..
The lack or the low amount of a specific color push us to wear clothing with the same color.

To keep this text simple en comprehensible, we talk about chacras en auras having the shape and appearance as they are commonly showed in books and on the net.
Despite all scriptures and testimonials of healers, chacras have never been evincibly perceived in contrast with aura's which can be photographed through Kirlian photography.
Aura's or the human energy field therefor certainly do exist and while looking for an explanation for the wearing of certain colors in clothing only the colors of the aura or opposite the lack of it matters.


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