12 o' clock
ontdek de waarheid
day or night
you choose

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Welcome on the website of 12 o'clock.pm
This website wants to bring more clarity into the chaotic and huge amount of information about spiritual subjects.
These days so many people claim to know the truth and although even science and traditional medicine can't explain nor solve everything, especially the spiritual world needs more logic and scientific background to be able to convince politicians in clean suits and the down to earth average citizen who needs hard proof to make them believe that spirituality is not merely the believe from hippies and mystic floating gurus...

The name 12 o' clock pm was chosen since it's both day and night... It's day nor night...
It just depends of the way you look at it.. just like life itself and the situation we humans are in...
Are we doing good... or are we messing up?
Will we as a species make it or not at all?
It's important the way we look at the world and humanity in general.. litteraly.. only the way we humans look at reality will determine our future...
This is quantum physics.. and about this and other interesting and popular subjects like disease,aliens and the big bang you'll find information and articles on this website..

Lots of things we'll talk about will go against well established theories we all have considered absolutely true..
I only ask the reader to use logical thinking while reading the stories which will be published regurarely on this website.
Question the current reality, let go of prejudices and again.. think logically..

Erik Tanghe

ontdek de waarheid
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